Vintage dixiblog: Things you don’t really want to hear from your teenaged kids

JUNE 26, 2003

we’re outta booze.

i don’t want to talk about it.

we could get a piercing kit off of ebay.

they have tattoo guns on ebay, too.

i could just practice on places nobody would see.

i think the cat would be cute with pierced ears.

he told me i needed to get laid.

moooooommm ( said in the i-want-something-tone).

having a baby raccoon would be just like having another cat.

somehow, it seems like all my dates are on medication.

i have to drive, because he has warrants out.

i don’t want to get my cat fixed. i think having a bunch of kittens would be cool.

mom, don’t get mad…

what’s for dinner, woman?

i want to join the marines. i think it would be cool to roll around in the dirt and play with guns and explosives.

i’d like to start using birth control, just so i could develop good habits.

but you said…

i just wanted to see what a joint looks like, you know, so i know what to stay away from. i’m serious.

when you see your doctor next time, you really should ask about that pms thing. no offense, but the way you get it’s not normal.

*These were all things I actually heard.

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Tidy Blog

Cleaned (blog) house. Deleted everything.

I kind of miss the old days, when I could do stream of consciousness spewing about whatever the fuck I wanted and have no worries beyond that. It’s been a long time since my writing felt that way.

Metaphysics of Money

There is a huge amount of discomfort surrounding money in our society. Nowhere is the discomfort more palpable, though, than in the metaphysical community. People seem embarrassed requiring payment for their work. Some see requiring payment for spiritual work somehow cheapens it. There’s a false dichotomy assumed between wanting to help people versus wanting to earn a living. To some, unless it’s done strictly out of love, it’s tainted with greed.  This seems so silly to me.

How could a mutually beneficial, cooperative agreement between  folks where both benefit be defined as greed?  Generosity comes in many forms.

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Mission: Happiness, Route: Muck

“What happened…how did I wind up here?” she wanted to know.

“Uh, I think you’re being kinda melodramatic here.” She laughed. That’s one of the things I love about her.

“I mean, yeah. You got shit to deal with. This is life, and some stretches are crappy. We all have our turns. You’re having your turn of shit to wade through, that’s all. If you’re not happy, then it’s your job to figure out what would make you happy. Your job is to find your way out.”

I’ll cheer her on, though.

Conversations with the Kidlet Series….Sock Monkey Gets Lucky

Sock Monkey PJs

Vintage dixiblog, from 2007: It’s a cold day outside, and I’m enjoying it by having the window open and wearing my friendly sock monkey pjs.  Life is good.

I start to turn, and the Stinker pulls my arm to turn me back where I started. Huh?

“I’m looking at the sock monkey on your pajamas,” she explains. “There’s sock monkey on a date.”

“Well that’s good. That’s good to know,” It is, I think. “Even sock monkeys should get lucky sometimes.”

“Mooooommm! I can’t believe you just said that. That is so wrong!”

“What? What’s so wrong about it? Why shouldn’t sock monkeys have their fun? ”

“That’s just WRONG! That’s disturbing.”

“Not to other sock monkeys. I say, Let Sock Monkey get a little action. He deserves it. He’s a versitile guy. He cooks and cleans and everything. Why shouldn’t sock monky have a little noogie? I think he deserves it.”

Somewhere around then, she said I was nuts or something. I dunno. I was kind of in my own vision of sock monkey world, where our hero lives, working and playing and getting his occassional action. Good for him!

Go, Sock Monkey. Go! :mrgreen: