Metaphysics of Money

There is a huge amount of discomfort surrounding money in our society. Nowhere is the discomfort more palpable, though, than in the metaphysical community. People seem embarrassed requiring payment for their work. Some see requiring payment for spiritual work somehow cheapens it. There’s a false dichotomy assumed between wanting to help people versus wanting to earn a living. To some, unless it’s done strictly out of love, it’s tainted with greed.  This seems so silly to me.

How could a mutually beneficial, cooperative agreement between  folks where both benefit be defined as greed?  Generosity comes in many forms.

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Steak House Service at 2-for-1 Taco Night Price

I haven’t been happy with how my work’s gone lately. I’ve been trying to blog it out–figure out what the Hell I’m doing wrong, what isn’t working for me to fix it–and mostly find I end up sounding (and feeling) like a big whiny-ass, if you wanna know the truth. Continue reading Steak House Service at 2-for-1 Taco Night Price

Hideous Hyperbole Hides Hidden Agendas

Hyperbole annoys the living Hell out of me. Why do folks feel the need to drama-queen it up, anyway? When you yell “Fire” in absence of smoke, when you declare emergency without actual crisis, or in general overreact in ways that can be construed as nothing beyond performance, I get cranky. Seriously…’cause if you don’t think I’m going to notice, you’re dumber than you take me for.

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Feeling a Little Naked Online?

“You don’t have to retweet everything I post,” my husband says to me about pimping out his blog on Twitter. “I don’t want you to hurt your business.”

I know he wouldn’t take it personally if I choose not to promote his political blog–a topic inherently controversial and sometimes contentiousin venues where I have interaction with clients. It’s not like it’s not something I’d considered beforehand.

I assure him it’s my choice. I am proud of what he’s doing and I want to support him however I can. Even on the days I wonder whether it makes a difference in my business, the answer is still the same for me.
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How’s That Ego Doing?

I recently contributed to an article discussing setting rates for web design work. I’ve written about this a few times, and have several years experience doing  it. This is challenging for those just starting out, so I felt really good about being a part of it. Unlike many articles on the topic, actual numbers were discussed along with practices, making it a lot more useful to people trying to set their own rates. So when I discovered from my site tracking that I’d gotten over a thousand visitors from the article, I was psyched.

That is, until I went there and read the comments…uh…it was a bloodbath. Continue reading How’s That Ego Doing?

Working Hard

I am, you know. Lots of extra work, so not a lot of time for philosophizing and reflection and such. If that’s good or bad, I don’t know. Just is, I guess.

Finding irony in that my daughter has discovered motivation on her way out. Feeling both excited for her moving into her “adult life” and sad for me since she’s going to be far away, very soon.

Some stress in my life now, but am handling it pretty fairly thusfar. Just part of being an adult, you know? Living and happy, and that makes good.

Peace out. Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season. I’m sure trying to do the same.
Creative Commons License photo credit: id-iom