Thanks for Making Coffee

Him: Thanks for making coffee…I know you made it to drink, but I appreciate it.

Me: I was just testing it for you honey. To make sure it is fabulous enough for my sweetheart.

[Stifled snortling.]

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He Doesn’t Want a Cookie

Him: Did you eat all the cookies?

Me: No, of course not! Here, here they are, in this container here. You want one?

Him: No. I just wanted to give you shit for eating all the cookies.


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Conversations with Captian Virgo Series: Man Cave

“Do you feel like you’re missing out, by not having a man cave?” I ask him.

He pauses, looking upward and making those faces he makes as he thinks.

“No…no. I’m not missing out. I go to ‘my throne’ room. That works. But I keep the real man cave in my head.”

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