Conversations with Mom Series…Lose Some Weight

“Your dad says I need to lose weight,” mom says to me.

“Really?” I’m surprised. That doesn’t sound much like Dad.

“We had a talk this morning. I said, ‘I either have to lose some weight or get new clothes.’ He voted I should lose weight.”

I laughed, because THAT did sound like Dad.

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Custody Battle Tips

Wrote this in 2006, but the advice still holds…hope it helps somebody going through it.

heard through the grapevine somebody i know may be facing some custody issues soon. since this is something i know waaayyyy too much about (unfortunately), i figured i’d share some tips that may help anybody is this position. take it for what it’s worth—we didn’t win. but i know we learned a lot, too. so, you know. maybe our painful history can help someone else.

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Living a Humble Life

I get reminded sometimes. Most of the time, I forget. It’s second nature. But once in a while, I get reminded. I live a humble life. I’m not sure if it’s by circumstance or choice. Continue reading Living a Humble Life

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Feeling a Little Naked Online?

“You don’t have to retweet everything I post,” my husband says to me about pimping out his blog on Twitter. “I don’t want you to hurt your business.”

I know he wouldn’t take it personally if I choose not to promote his political blog–a topic inherently controversial and sometimes contentiousin venues where I have interaction with clients. It’s not like it’s not something I’d considered beforehand.

I assure him it’s my choice. I am proud of what he’s doing and I want to support him however I can. Even on the days I wonder whether it makes a difference in my business, the answer is still the same for me.
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