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Metaphysics of Money

There is a huge amount of discomfort surrounding money in our society. Nowhere is the discomfort more palpable, though, than in the metaphysical community. People seem embarrassed requiring payment for their work. Some see requiring payment for spiritual work somehow cheapens it. There’s a false dichotomy assumed between wanting to help people versus wanting to earn a living. To some, unless it’s done strictly out of love, it’s tainted with greed.  This seems so silly to me.

How could a mutually beneficial, cooperative agreement between  folks where both benefit be defined as greed?  Generosity comes in many forms.

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Gifts in Ugly Wrapping Paper: Goals that Work

When you put energy out there, what are your expectations on a return?

There was a time, whatever I did, I had a clear picture of what I thought I’d get in return. I worked at a job, started a business, created websites, went to school, whatever it was, with clear, specific expectations on exactly where the path was going to take me. I “knew” just how each action was going to impact my life and make it better.

Except for one, especially pesky little issue: I was almost always wrong.

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Holy Socks, Sherlock.

New Year’s, I generally eschew resolutions. There’s so often more an excuse to pretend we can solve every problem we have in two and half weeks, or maybe just another opportunity to feel bad about ourselves. It’s usually a better idea to make changes day-to-day, as you see the need. While there’s perhaps some value in the ritualization or symbolic significance of new year/new you thing, still… We’re usually not reasonable or kind with ourselves that way.

But this year, I did make a resolution: I am getting rid of all the holey socks.

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Living Your Dreams: Are You Closer Than You Think?

I’m a huge believer in the power of gratitude. Acknowledging what you have, living in a mentally prosperous space–not always easy, mind you!–and being grateful for the essence of your dreams in your life, even if the physical form hasn’t fully manifested.

If I’m honest with myself, I can readily see that the life I am living right this moment isn’t that far off from the life of my dreams. Continue reading Living Your Dreams: Are You Closer Than You Think?