The Census to Dixie: “We’ll get the information somehow!”

They came back. After I saw myself described as “paranoid and reclusive” for acknowledging how I don’t trust the census and it bugs me how much the government is over-reaching into our personal lives, the good ol’ US of A’s main man, Uncle Sam, is back at it.

Geez Loiuse. This makes FOUR in-person visits from the Census to my house. For one form that was sent in already.

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Dixie vs. the US Census

I have no doubt people think I’m nuts. Well-meaning, but nuts. I try not to let that bother me. (Often, I succeed.) But sometimes, it’s just a bit much and I get tired of keeping my mouth shut. It may surprise some of you I do actually keep my mouth shut at times, but it’s true.

I’m not a fan of the Census. Now, before anybody starts spouting off about the importance of new roads and how will the government be able to accurately gauge Congressional representation, stop right there. I’ve seen the commercials, okay? I’m aware of all the nifty little “benefits” touted by the $340 million dollars spent on just marketing the census. I am willing to go so far as provide a headcount for my household–in other words, I’m perfect willing to provide the information that’s constitutionally allowable for my government to ask.

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Conversations with my Honey Series: Controversial (Again)

“I’m afraid I’m writing something controversial again, Honey,” my husband tells me. (It’s been a topic here lately, since sometimes free speech gets ugly. It makes folks uncomfortable, speaking out for principles like free speech as worthy of defense, despite the unworthiness of  ideas expressed. The whole issue bypasses reasoning and heads straight for the gut.)

“Oh yeah?” I’m not especially surprised. He’s always been one to say what he thinks; I treasure honesty.

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Feeling a Little Naked Online?

“You don’t have to retweet everything I post,” my husband says to me about pimping out his blog on Twitter. “I don’t want you to hurt your business.”

I know he wouldn’t take it personally if I choose not to promote his political blog–a topic inherently controversial and sometimes contentiousin venues where I have interaction with clients. It’s not like it’s not something I’d considered beforehand.

I assure him it’s my choice. I am proud of what he’s doing and I want to support him however I can. Even on the days I wonder whether it makes a difference in my business, the answer is still the same for me.
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Go Visit Zombies Uncensored!

My Husband’s been real busy over at his new blog, Zombies Uncensored.  Linked in the sidebar, Yo.

Zombies Uncensored is exposing the crazy in politics and life.

I worked very hard on the design, and he’s working very hard on the content. I’m proud of what he’s doing. If anybody can go over there and show a little support, it would mean a great deal to me.