Yes, we really like being with each other.

People keep asking me, “How are you and Chip getting along?” They wonder, because he and I are home together all day now, since November.

“I love it!” I tell them–and they always seem kind of surprised at the response.

Being together all day is nothing new to use. Heck–we met at work many years ago. We drove to work together,  sometimes worked together (sat side by side), ate lunch together, came home together, and spent the evening together. This is how it was from the beginning.

We didn’t always get to work together, through the whole 20 years, of course. But I missed that. I missed it a lot.

He helps me think things through and listens to me. He makes me laugh; he looks out for me; he calms me; he entertains me; he loves me. He’s my husband and my best friend. I appreciate every minute I get to spend accessing his energy.

I don’t know how long things will be the way they are right now. Like every bit of your life, it’s a snapshot in time. But I’m cherishing it while I’ve got it.

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